Learning: Frontier Education employs professional trainers who are there to assist you throughout your training program. The trainer can help to clarify your ideas, encourage you to meet your assessment deadlines and to learn the skills you require within your chosen study field. Your trainer will provide helpful feedback on each of your assignments. For any academic support and assistance please contact your designated trainer and/or the Academic Coordinator either by contacting the campus or by email academic@frontiereducation.edu.au

Disability: All students with disability are entitled to engaging learning programs and Frontier Education addresses the individual learning needs of each student. Our trainers cater for the diverse needs of students with a disability to personalise their learning journey. If we are unable to provide the required support, we will then refer the student to another professional to solve any further issues. Please contact student support services for details. study@frontiereducation.edu.au

Counselling: The student counselling service is designed to assist international students in dealing with a wide range of issues that may include - homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organising study time and any other difficulty that students may be going through. The nominated Frontier Education student services officer can provide counselling services or can recommend that the student may need to seek professional counselling assistance through a qualified and approved practitioner to help resolve the issues being experienced.