1How do I get a Student ID Card?
To apply for a Student ID Card, students must contact the Student administration department at admin@frontiereducation.edu.au Or alternatively talk to the person at the reception The Student Administration officer will take a picture of you and the ID card will be ready within 10 working days. Students can pick up their ID from the reception. All Student ID Cards reflect a student's workload at the time of issue (e.g. full time or part time).
2What is LMS and how do I access it?
A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. If you have not received access to the LMS for your course learning resources, please contact your trainer. You can also visit the reception and request for your LMS login details.
3What are entry requirements?
Students without formal secondary qualifications may be required to complete Frontier Education’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy test. Some courses may require satisfactory completion of prerequisite units or qualifications. Such requirements are detailed in the individual course information. Students must be 18 years of age or above.
4How do I apply for credit or recognition of prior learning (RPL)?
Frontier Education does not pre-assess credit or RPL. Once you receive an offer of admission you can then apply for credit or RPL. Applicants who have undertaken study in the last ten years may be eligible to receive credit for units that have been superseded, as long as the units completed still meet the mapping requirements You'll find general information about credit for previous study and recognition of prior learning in the student handbook. Students may receive credit toward their course for units completed at a different tertiary institution by providing an official transcript to the admission office for assessment. To apply for recognition of prior learning, and received an application kit, please contact the RPL Administration at rpl@frontiereducation.edu.au
5What are the tuition fees and are there any scholarships?
Please contact the student services officer via email: admin@frontiereducation.edu.au, for details on tuition fees and any other related information.
6How do I find important term dates?
You will receive the Academic Calendar / Training Plan with important term and assessment due dates for your course on your induction day. If you need a copy of the training plan, please visit the reception and request for a copy.
7What support services are available to Frontier Education students?
At Frontier Education we offer a variety of support services to assist our students to develop the personal resilience and skills needed to achieve both their academic and personal goals. Support services include personal counselling, accessibility, student mentors, and indigenous engagement. The Student services officer can provide guidance and assist with academic appeals, student grievances and complaints, and navigating Frontier Education policies and procedures. You can contact the Student Services.
8What help can I get if I have difficulty with the work once I start my course?
Frontier Education has an excellent range of support services, which cover areas including health, welfare and study support. For personal problems, which may affect your work, you can always talk in complete confidence to your trainer or any member of staff with whom you feel comfortable. Trainers can help with a wide range of issues, and if they are unable to help with a particular problem, they will find you someone who can.
9Can I park my car on Campus?
Unfortunately there is no car parking facilities provided by the campus. There is a public car park available next to the campus building on Astor Terrace. Brisbane Central Train Station is only 200 meters from the campus.
10How much study do I have to do each week?
Students are required to attend 20 hours a week classes that are spread across 3 days of the week. Please refer to your training plan for a detailed plan of the subject delivery schedule. These hours are a combination of face-to-face teaching, required reading, independent study and working on assessments.
11Can I take a break during my studies?
Students are obligated to attend all classes as per their training plan schedule. Students are advised to plan their holidays or other travel as per the term breaks in the Training Plan. In the event of an emergency or for any compassionate reasons, Frontier Education will request the student to submit an application along with the required evidence to grant leave to the student. For any queries, please talk to the student administration team member at the reception.
12How do I order an Academic Qualification or Statement of Attainment?
Academic Qualification An official qualification is a record of study undertaken at Frontier Education. Once you have successfully completed your study you will be required to complete an “Academic Request” form along with a completed “Student Survey” prior to receiving the qualification. Statement of Attainment A statement of attainment is issued to students and lists those units passed for courses recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework. Statements are issued free of charge to students. If you have not previously received a Statement of Attainment, please email admin@frontiereducation.edu.au. If you have lost your original statement, there is a $25 re-print cost.