How Course Fees Are Charged

Student Entry Policy
November 13, 2020
Repaying the Loan
November 13, 2020

How Course Fees Are Charged

Fees for VET Student Loans eligible courses are charged by units of study; payments are spread across the duration of the course. A census day is set at no less than 20% into a unit of study.

A student will be sent a VET Student Loans Statement of Covered Fees after the student enrols and before the first census day for the course, during the first fee period of the course. The document states whether the enrolment is accepted on the basis that part or all of the tuition fees for the course will be covered by a VET Student Loan.

A student will be sent a VET Student Loans Fee Notice  no less than 14 days prior to each census day, indicating the student’s fees and census days.

The debt is incurred on the day after the census day.

After a census day has passed, Frontier Education will also send a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) for the Unit of Study. The CAN will provide the student with information about the debt incurred, including the loan fee where applicable. If a student believes the CAN is incorrect, then he/she should contact Frontier Education immediately to rectify.

For certain courses, there may be a gap between the course fee and the loan cap that the Commonwealth will allow for the course. The student will be advised of this upon enquiry, and also about other payment options that may be available.

Lifetime Loan Limit
The lifetime loan limit is the total amount a student can incur in a lifetime under any Commonwealth student loan scheme – whether it is a VET Student Loan, VET-FEE HELP or a Higher Education FEE-HELP loan. It is indexed each year, in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). In 2020, the lifetime loan limit is $106,319 for most students.

Students can view their loan obligations by referring to the Study Assist website here